Thursday, July 1, 2010

About Time

Well, it's summer and I have the training bug so might as well blog about it. Rumi has grown into such a sweet adult with a little imp with a great sense of humor that peaks out every once in a while. Even when his training gets put on hold for a while due to other things in life going on. But now it's back to training. Today we worked sheep in the round pen and he did a nice job of getting all the way around and not getting stuck, especially by the last time. I need to rig up some type of temporary fencing to make my one big pasture smaller because he is ready for more room, but maybe not all that room :)

Agility he can do nice weaves, as long as he doesn't stop and think about them :) If he thinks about it he screws up his timing which just makes me laugh. We also need to get that 2o2o down solid.

And in obedience we need to get our stays solid and that retrieve needs to be a nice gallop back to me (although this winter he and I did a really nice job of fixing up his pick up.

So I have some things to work on this week...lets see how it goes :)

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