Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rumi and Read Share :)

Rumi and Read don't share many things...Read would like to, Rumi thinks she's an annoying little shit. But they are sharing this blog :)

Rumi first. First of all he finished his started duck title! But more importantly, my training ideas have worked. I have kept data consistently and changed things so that I'm tracking correct on signals and separated the heeling and the signals. At the rent a ring Friday  he nailed the majority of the signals (I did them multiple times--and I took data on a scrap of paper that I since have lost. Does that count?) and he NEVER froze, anticipated a few times, and did them most of the time. Having a person near him definitely made it harder. I was doing the 4, 7, 5, 11 set. At home I've been doing the 17, 5, 7, 10 set. He has been averaging 13-14 right (see facebook for the strange distractions that have been happening). Today was hot and humid and I almost didn't train. But boy am I glad I did. I decided to see how we were doing stamina wise since he was so ticked that he didn't get to train longer yesterday. So we did the heeling sets of 9, 19, 28, 56 interspersed with his signals and he nailed all of them. He did 15 out of 16 signals with the cat eating his treats in his eye sight. He didn't give up even though his tongue was to his knees by the end. It was great to see how much improvement we had made not only in signals but also in stamina. I think I now need to make a plan of how to mix all exercises into our training through out the week (I've been focusing on signals since we had such a huge problem with them). But I am so happy with his improved attitude and confidence. He rocks!

Read is getting older and we need to really focus on recalls so they don't become to optional as she heads into that fun teenage stage :) Her Bop is looking great, her pivots are up to 180 degrees...haven't gotten that last inch to get past me but almost. Sits are becoming much more tucked, fronts are cute when she remembers not to jump on me, retrieve of the metal article is coming along well (why I decided to teach a formal retrieve with metal first I have no clue...so don't ask...but it's working for us so why change LOL). Tracking is a blast...she has a great nose. She can work with me forever, but can handle one exercise for only about 3-4 min. before she's ready to move on...which for right now is fine :)

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