Thursday, May 29, 2014


Another day with no pics...slacking!

But it was a busy day...teacher workday and puppy came to school with me for the whole day. She was loved on by lots of different people. And loved all of them. She would get out and snuggle and play with everyone and then go back in the crate and snooze until the next person came. One would think after being at school from 7 until 4 she would be tired...WRONG

When we got home she took a quick nap and was then ready to train again.
We worked on sitting on the balance board, back feet on the wood plank, front feet on the pivot box, touch the hand with your nose (not even a hint of teeth...made that mistake with Rumi), switching up tug toys, IYC (boy that is hard ), sit, down, stand and push...

Need to work even more on hind end awareness as well as scent work tomorrow. And I think she could do a really cute role over.

What I learned today...she is really cute sleeping in the crate. Sometimes on her back, sometimes with her nose resting on her crate bucket, sometimes with her legs sticking out (I worry that she will wake up and get stuck, but so far she has been good).

Names...thinking maybe I'll go with a pirate theme. Two famous female pirates: Anne Bonny, and Mary Read. Buccaneer's Anne Bonny (call name Bonny), or Buccaneer's Mary Read (call name Read). Of course someone suggested Buccaneer's Black Maisie (call name Maisie). Have to start trying some of these out :)

Pictures tomorrow...I promise :)

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