Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sleeping and Puppy

So, not a lot of sleep last night. Started with the puppy and then I think I was so overtired I just couldn't get out of my head to collapse...hopefully tonight will be better. I put in the window air conditioner so it should be.

Got up early and tired the wee one out (yes she needs a name ) and leaving everyone was tired and content (except me, I was just tired). 4:30 is way early! The best puppy sitter ever came over and played with her at lunch so when I got home after school she was happy to see me, but not stressed!

Today we worked on IYC game (boy that's hard LOL), more on the balance board, switching from tug toys to food, and keeping all our feet on the floor. Oh, and 1, 2, 3 ready (she thinks that one is a lot of fun). I really need to work on pivots and hand stands tomorrow.

No pictures today...too tired; so I promise a video tomorrow.

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