Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice days

So, you would think with three ice days in a row I would have a lot of time to post. That would assume I had electricity. I really think a DSL modem should be battery operated, but not yet. So now that I'm back to having electricity (yeah) which includes in my case heat and water, I'm ready to post. Rumi is coming a long nicely with not cutting the corner of the broad jump and splatting. I've started putting it in with the recall and he slides into it in a nice reining horse sort of way :) I've also been doing a ton with stays and he is much more confident. I have him in a match this weekend so hopefully will have video to post and see some improvements. I'm also being very careful to only reward PERFECT fronts and finishes. If they aren't perfect we don't fix them, we oops and try again. It has cut down on his constant shifting and he is more precise.

In agility we did a run-thru at CATC and Dogwood. No contacts either place, but he figured out how to run on mats and did weaves and jump sequences. Good boy :) I have started sequencing his running A-frame and dogwalk (not running) and the teeter is almost up to full height! But again, no pics :(

Thai--I have her entered in 3 Open trials. I can't believe I'm this nervous. But her stays have been good and we've been working on the broad jump and drop and retrieve in rotation. Keeping my fingers crossed. I will get her CDX!!! :) First show in two weeks. Keeping everything crossed :)

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