Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toledo Show--all Thai

So Thai is once again taking over Rumi's blog. I showed her the first time in Open at an AKC show this Sat. and Sun. The Toledo were the best. It was the most applause I've heard at an obedience show in a long time. I think everyone in Open A got a round of applause after their run both days. The judges were also great, holding a class when awards were being given out in the other ring, helping exhibitors anyway they could, and very friendly!

Saturday Thai gave me the best heeling we've ever had in the ring...well other than two no sits. Her drop was slow, but both her retrieves were nice. She nq'd on the broad jump, which she cut big time. Had a hard time with the people standing on the other side I think. She held her sit, but sat up on the down before I had even left the ring. She did hold her stay the entire time.

Sunday Thai was a little more distracted. She sat on her heeling, but you can see on the last about turn she was very concerned about a dog outside the ring. You can see it on the retrieve on the flat too...not sure how she pulled off getting that dumbbell :) She was fine on the broad jump, which was on the other side of the ring, but she forgot to give me a front.

On the stays she was next to the dog she was worried about. She held her sit, but popped up on her down again.

I definitely need to work on the drop so she doesn't keep waiting to drop...soon she'll be at my feet. Not good.

But the bigger problem is the down. I think I'll work on teaching her the drop, like I did with Rumi. And I need to up the distractions at home so she breaks here once in a while too.

My next show is Hamilton, Saturday. Then I think I'll enter 1 day in Dexter, and the weekend at Toledo again. After that I have a few ASCA shows to show in also. Hopefully I'll be able to find a training fix for the down issue!

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