Monday, February 7, 2011

Toledo Match part 2

I went back up to Toledo yesterday for another match before our show next weekend. That would be just Thai, not Rumi. I can only handle so much stress at one show and I am focused on getting her CDX if it kills us :) LOL

I really wanted to not go. Our run time was 5:00 on Sunday afternoon after a week of ice and no electricity. I really really really wanted to stay home. But the CDX drove me and I'm glad I went. First of all the people in Toledo are soooo friendly and welcoming it makes me feel good. Secondly, Thai had a great run thru. She had some mistakes, but I was able to help her get it right and she was much more confident afterward. She also held her stays :) :)

Rumi had a very nice run. And positive reinforcement comes in unexpected places :) I've never had this happen to me before and it felt wonderful :)

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