Sunday, February 8, 2009


I thought that maybe, the more geeky things I add to the blog, the more likely I am to keep blogging :) So I've decided to pick a skill and post a short movie of it once a week for a few weeks to see how I improve with focusing on a skill and having video feedback of how I'm doing (and of course your helpful comments :) )

This week I found that setting up the video camera, without a tripod, to video tape yourself is HARD :) I captured some good fronts, which is the skill I'm really focusing on. But I also managed to capture some drops and the video was really telling in that I haven't set the criteria clearly what I'm reinforcing. So I kept the drops on the video also.

Thai is the red aussie, Rumi the black one (for those of you who don't know my dogs). I think if I just keep videoing once a week it will make the blog more than worth while and keep the tech geek in me happy since writing doesn't seem to be inherently reinforcing for me!


  1. Hi Beth!
    Great job on the video taping without a tripod :)
    I loved your delivery of treats on your fronts was not from one specific place. Keeping the reinforcer coming from either hand or your mouth was great. Sometimes we get lazy (should I say I get lazy) and then the dog starts anticipating.
    I am curious about your commands. Do you give one or multiples on your fronts and at what level are each of your guys in obedience??
    I know they both rock at tracking but not sure about their level in obedience.
    Look forward to more tech geek training videos.

  2. Hi Angie,
    Thanks, I try and think a lot, especially on fronts, about where to reinforce :) I usually give a new command each time we move; however, when my arms are at my side I am going to want a front (as opposed to my left hand up across my stomach when I want heel position) and I haven't given a stay command in this type of exercise so I do sometimes leave out the verbal cue. Thai has her CD and two CDX legs. Rumi has 2 RN legs.

    Thanks for stopping by :)