Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Herding Clinic

So I am slowly recovering from my very busy weekend of dogs. Thai was not happy that the herding part was only for Rumi! I promised her I would change that at the next clinic. Rumi had a good time at the clinic and enjoyed working for Jack Knox. Although primarily a border collie clinic, there were several aussies besides Rumi there and a Terv. The farm was wonderful, the sheep awesome, and plenty of different size areas for working dogs. Thanks to Denice of Clearfield Stockdogs for hosting the clinic.

Jack and Rumi worked on getting around the sheep and taking time to think before acting (hard for a 16 month old aussie boy!). I was shown clearly where I had given Rumi too much slack and that although he is only 16 months old, he is very ready and able to handle serious, intense work without shutting down. So our goal for the next month (before the Sherry Baker Clinic) is to really have Rumi settle down and take herding as his work, not a game. Of course some of this is predicated on the weather holding so I can actually work dogs!

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  1. What fun!!
    I am excited as I get to participate in both the Vern Thorpe and Tenley Dexter clinic at Stockdog U.