Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Continuing Progress

We didn't herd for a few days because of, believe it or not, snow. In April!!! And Rumi is not happy when we don't work for a day or two. Whether it is obedience, tracking, herding, or agility...he wants to be learning and doing.

Thai worked first today and really stayed off my light sheep who think the long bamboo stick might be scarier than the dog. She held them to me on the fence and then stayed way out so they walked down the fence with keeping a gap between them and me. I was way proud!

Rumi continues to work quietly without arguing, although he still is not willing to go between the sheep and fence from a start without strong persuasion. However, the cool thing that he did today was I tossed the shaker bottle at him to get him out on the top and then circled around to pick up the bottle. I went to do what I hoped would be a smooth graceful swoop and totally missed it. As I had to stop and side step to grab it I suddenly realized the sheep weren't running past me. I looked up and there was my dog standing still holding the sheep to me, but not pushing them past me!!! I was NOT trampled! What a good dog ;)

Friday I go up to Jeanne Weaver's for a herding lesson. 4 hour drive, but well worth it.

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