Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally Jeanne's

I didn't get up to Jeanne's last Friday as originally planned due to late snow and then it all melting creating a pond out of the small area at her place. And there has been no recent post because I'm the yearbook advisor and the deadline was this past Friday and with the snow, a lot of the spring sports were cancelled for the week and this created a headache for me trying to get pictures of those sports in the yearbook!

But today I made it up to Jeanne's. Nothing like a 4 hour drive up and a 4 hour drive back for a one hour lesson, but she made it worth while. And I caught up on some podcasts on the drive.

Rumi is working in the round pen and did well, although I still don't always put the pressure on and take it off at the right times. But I'm getting better and he tries so hard to figure out what I want from him.

Jeanne had awesome suggestions with Thai. I worked on some driving, and some exercises to get her to rate herself instead of going full out the whole time and almost enjoying pushing the sheep past me so she can bring them back again :)

One thing I noticed about myself (and I think is true of many teachers) is that I am not a great student. I've noticed that teachers are often the hardest to teach (although we all are hard in different ways). I found that I was very quiet at Jeanne's and didn't give her a lot of information. I think it was because I was trying so hard to digest all her information and not influence her with my view points until she had had a chance to make her own decisions and impressions. But this kind of left her trying to figure out what I and my dogs knew, where we were, and what I wanted. I have only worked with her once before...just under a year ago. So she doesn't know me or my dogs well at all. I really need to work on being a better student and giving my instructors the information they need to work with me...but everything happens so fast and I'm trying to figure out their way of teaching and explaining that I end up not giving them much feedback. Glad I don't have to teach me :)

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