Sunday, April 5, 2009

Herding/Tracking/Training junk :)

Rumi, Thai and I have been herding for the past few days. Rumi is covering heads, almost never barks, and when I've set it up perfectly and he's been worked down, he'll go through between the sheep and the fence on the go bye side without trying to flip back. He will stay easily holding the sheep between him and me on the fence. (not me guarding the sheep on the fence).

Thai and I have been working the lighter sheep in the big field. I have been working on the same back up and stay holding the sheep to me. Today I really saw a light bulb go on as she balanced up and stopped on her own willingly and then stayed out and flanked to cover the sheep as they tried to stay away from me and her. I was so proud of her :)

Yesterday we went tracking. I suddenly realized that Thai's certification expires soon so I thought I'd see what she remembered. It was a windy day. I layed Rumi a track with two challenges...both through heavy pricker bushes (ugh). I layed Thai's in a big open field. After aging it 30 min. I ran Thai's. She was working off the track some, but with the wind and only 30 min. age that didn't surprise me. She did great, but tired out at the last leg. She had great article indications. When I ran Rumi's track it was about 1 hour and 15 min. old. He too did great and had no problem with the obstacles. However, the last leg he too was tired and missed the last turn. Not bad for no tracking in 6 months.

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