Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taking it home

I always find that the best indication you can have that the clinic you went to was great, is if you can take home what you learned at the clinic and manage to do it on your own. I'm sure that often it is my fault if I can't replicate it at home, but then, for all practical purposes, the clinic didn't really work for me. Especially since I can't afford to go live near every trainer/clinician that I'd like to :) This all leads up to the fact that I worked Rumi today on my sheep. And we did great (IMHO). I only got barked at twice, and he quickly knocked it off and went the way I wanted him to go. I used a long bamboo pole and a shake bottle. I had a rattle paddle, and was going to try it if the shake bottle didn't work. I didn't need it. Rumi went both ways nicely, didn't get around me once (as in fake me out and flip back the other way) and went between the sheep and the fence every time I asked him. He handled holding the sheep to me on the fence twice. And took his down when we were done. All in all a good day.


  1. Great blog site, Beth!! I love it, and it'll be fun for everyone to see Rumi's progression in the various venues.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, those rattle bottles on the poles are a nice tool to have! I went back to using it on Nash when he started his slicing crap and it really helped him. I'll be glad when I can wean him back to the rake though, cause those long poles with bottles are a bitch to use on a windy day - like yesterday! Good to hear you had a great session with Rumi.